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About Us

Vickie Williamson has over 30 years experience in the interior design industry. With her design skills, talents, and a passion for making things beautiful; Vickie can help make your space exactly what you want it to be.

Vickie Williamson

We’ve loved every minute of the journey

In the beginning

After receiving her Bachelors in Fine Arts, Vickie began her career at a custom art and framing store in Mount Pleasant, SC. It was here she fostered her love of design.

Began her own business

In 2001 Vickie took the leap and began her own interior design and custom framing business. Working out of her home, with 3 kids, was no simple task but she stuck with it. Now after 30 years, her love of design has not faltered. 


After years of decorating and antiquing, the natural next step for Vickie was to open her own store, Atelier 126. When you walk in you will immediately recognize her love of home decor and personal experience she's gained during her illustrious career. Vickie is exactly where she wants to be and can't wait to share it with you!

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